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By 2030, Oman is set to derive 30% of electricity from solar energy.

Sultanate of Oman being one the densest location to obtain solar energy, it has a huge potential for developing solar energy resources throughout Oman. With the increase investment in the development of solar energy, it can potentially generate electricity to meet all of Oman’s domestic electricity requirements and provide some electricity for export.

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Innovative Engineering

We work within a large variety of sectors and undertake specific services, such as Solar System Design, Solar Equipment Supply and even Installation of Solar Systems. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team at Aptus SolarTech has the expertise and the experience to find long-lasting solutions.

Sustainable water heating systems for domestic and industrial use

Power street lights, in-door lights and home lighting systems with solar

Generate low-cost energy  with PV modules and power pack

Save on electricity bill with rooftop solar systems either on or off grid. 

Generate power to support AC agriculture or domestic submersible. 

Why Aptus SolarTech

Aptus SolarTech, based in Muscat, is a certified Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting (EPC) company. It’s the parent company, Aptus Infotech (Oriental Oryx International) has been a leader in IT, Engineering solutions and ELV for the last 22 years.


We provide solar power systems design, solar equipment supply, and installation of solar solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects. With that expertise, experience and skills, we are your top choice for your solar solution needs. 

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